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AG-1-9 (190-540 & 800-1700nm)

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Model Number: AG-1-9 (190-540 & 800-1700nm)

Protected Wavelength and OD
190-540 & 800-1700nm  OD5+
Price: $81.41
Suitable for Laser and Wavelength
Quadruple Frequency Nd: YAG Laser 266nm OD=5
Argon Iron Laser488-514.5nm OD=5
Excimer Laser He-Cd441.6nm OD=5
Double Frequency Nd: YAG Laser532nm OD=5
Iron Laser(离子激光器)514nm OD=5
YAG Laser1064nm OD=5
Diode Laser808nm, 818nm OD=4
904nm, 980nm, 1510nm, 1530nm, 1610nm OD=5

EN207:2010 LB Rating VLT%
190-540nm DIRM LB5 35
800~1700nm DIR LB5  
AG-1-9 Laser Safety Goggles are made of a composite broad spectrum continuous absorption material.  They are certified laser safety goggles that meet EU Standard EN207. 


Phone: 1-520-790-5808

Fax: 1-520-747-4024


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