Why Laser Marking

Why should we choose Laser Marking
Compared to traditional methods such as printing, punching, chemical etching, etc., laser features many distinct advantages in marking application:
  • Permanent: Marking made by laser method is permanent, and will not be removed by wearing, solvents, corrosive gases or temperature change.
  • Non-Contact: Laser marking uses laser beam as "knife" to machine the part's surface. No external force is       introduced onto the parts during the process, which largely reduces stress and improves marking quality. The non-contact feature allows marking to be achieved on all kinds of standard or non-standard surfaces. There is no corrosion, wearing or contamination of the part during laser marking.
  • Suitable for a wide variety of materials: Laser marking works well on many metals and non-metal materials, such as aluminum, copper, iron, plastics, glasses, ceramics, crystals, wood, leather and textiles, etc.
  • High precision and accuracy: Laser can provide much more accurate and precise marking compared to traditional methods such as printing and punching. Laser marking is more clear, aesthetic and detailed. Laser also makes it possible to add large amounts of data onto very small area, such as much more accurate QR code.
  • Low operation cost: Laser marking is extremely fast, and requires no consumables or post machining. Energy consumption of the process is also low.
  • High efficiency: Marking process can be finished within seconds.
  • High flexibility: Controlled by computer software, laser marking can easily mark any shape and contents on any kind of surfaces or areas difficult for access. Its great flexibility opens up possibilities for marking design and allows application in a wide array of industries.
  • Enhanced security: Marking made by laser is difficult to be imitated or changed, which further protects your parts and business against counterfeiting.
Marking has become an increasingly important part of business and can bring many benefits to its adopters.
  • Anti-counterfeiting:Unique code marked on your products provides identification of your business and protects you against counterfeiting.
  • Traceability: Unique codes on your parts ensure their traceability in the entire supply chain, which is critical for your quality control.
  • Branding: Unique logo marking help you stand out from competitors and leaves a memorable impression to your customers.
  • Regulation compliance: Marking on packaging helps you meet the labeling regulations and requirements, which are increasingly strict and expanding.
  • Efficiency: Machine-readable codes on your parts and products can automate or optimize many processes in manufacturing, storage and logistics, thus greatly improves your efficiency and reduces cost.
Laser marking has become the process of choice for all kinds of marking needs. It is easy, fast, accurate and highly flexible.
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