Industrial Laser Marking Machine Models

At AZ Industrial Lasers, we carry industrial laser marking machine models suitable for a variety of different uses and for the marking of a variety of different materials. The LasePen® models we carry here include standard, portable, and desktop laser markers as well as inline laser marking systems for use with production lines.

Each of our laser marking systems feature a number of desirable qualities, including high beam quality, high precision, and versatility. Whether you need an industrial laser marking machine for the marking of metals, glass, plastics, ceramics, or other materials, we have a LasePen® laser marker model perfect for your needs. We also back each of the systems we sell with continuous support, which ensures you get the most out of your new laser marker.

LasePen Desktop
LasePen® Desktop
LasePen Standard
LasePen® Standard
LasePen OEM
LasePen® OEM
LasePen® Portable
LasePen® Portable