OEM/Inline Laser Marking Machine

Industrial customers often have unique needs for marking so that the marking procedure can fit into their current workflow. AZ Industrial Lasers can help you analyze your process, identify your marking needs and provide a laser marking solution that is well integrated into your existing manufacturing process.

Enabled with our powerful fiber laser source or UV laser source, our highly customized LasePen® in-line laser marking systems can mark, etch or engrave onto various materials, such as metals, plastics, glasses, ceramics, semiconductor wafers and more.

LasePen® in-line systems usually include a mountable head laser unit for flexible placement, a communication system to integrate the laser system into the PLC or drive of existing production line, and a controller to keep all the electronics.

Offering high precision, incredible speed and low operation cost, our competitively priced LasePen® in-line laser marking systems will save you time and money. Please feel free to contact us for discussion of your application details and marking needs. We will be glad to hear what you would like to achieve and help you design the marking system that enhances your current process.

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